Paul W. Johnson

DPS Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor
7524 South Broadway Suite # 105
Tyler, Texas 75703
(903) 530-6260




CHL range qualifications held at Highway 31 West Shooting Range.

CHL classes are a mixture of many topics and activities.


CHL one day class: We start promptly at 8:00 A.M. Please be on time! The State minimum for this class is six (6) hours. Travel time to the range and lunch does not count in the total number of hours. The class will end at 2:00 P.M. after all necessary paperwork has been completed.

Breaks will occur every 50 minutes. You may bring drinks and snacks to the classroom. Please be thoughtful in selecting the types of snacks that are not too messy. A cooler will be available to keep the drinks cool. Be sure to choose drinks that can be recapped. Bottle water will be furnished. Lunch break is thirty (30) minutes and will be scheduled at or around 12Noon.

Manner of dress: Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Closed toe shoes are best, due to the terrain at the range. In hot weather, please be sure to dress in loose fitting attire to allow air passage. In cold weather dress in layers, with a rain proof outer layer. We will shoot in most types of conditions, except dangerous local lightening.

Guns and ammunition: Please leave weapons and ammunition locked in your vehicle (out of sight). Do not bring weapons to the classroom. Time will be set aside at the range for the Range Officer to check all weapons and ammunition before live fire begins. All handguns MUST be .32 caliber or larger. This is a State requirement. You can qualify with either type of gun (revolver or semi-auto) and still carry either type by new State Law. Class schedules page: (a) Original License-Four (4) hour minimum Six (6) hour maximum. Monday 8AM-2PM. Saturday 8AM-2PM. CHL Renewal: Online only, no class, no range time required by new State Law. Cost for this rental is $25 and includes fifty (50) rounds of ammunition needed to qualify for the CHL.

Apply Online Applicants can take full control of the application process from beginning to end.

From the CHL website applicants can:

  • Complete and submit the CHL web application
  • Submit the application fee
  • Schedule electronic finger prints with L1
  • Find a CHL instructor

Then complete the application process by mailing in supplemental documents and proof of CHL course. Beginning March 1, 2011, Texas DPS will require Electronic Fingerprints to be done. All applicants will have to submit fingerprints electronically through L1 Identity Solutions AFTER completing their online applicant submission to TX DPS. L1 charges $9.95 for this service.