January 1, 2016, Texas residents will be allowed to OPEN CARRY. See us for your LTC – License To Carry. Existing CHL holders do not need a new class. Click here for info.

The Firearms Training Academy of Tyler, Texas is the premier place in East Texas to acquire your Concealed Handgun License (CHL), hone your skills with Firearms Training classes, and learn how and when to use your firearm in a variety of scenarios with our Personal Defense Training. Our classes and training are expertly instructed in a respectful, friendly and comfortable environment and are designed to prepare the responsible, adult gun owner – beginning or experienced – to handle their weapons in a safe and effective manner.

FTA is also pleased to offer free  Free Handgun Purchase Consultation with the purchase of any of our CHL, Firearms Training or Personal Defense training courses. We will assess your needs and preferences, and if you wish, one of our instructors can accompany you to the firearms dealer of your choice when you are ready to make a purchase. We will help you select the perfect handgun for your needs and comfort level. We have partnered with Broadway Powersports to offer FTA students a 10% off coupon with proof of FTA class registration.

At FTA, we believe the sport of shooting and mastering your skills should be fun. But we also pray you or your family never face a life-threatening situation brought on by someone with really horrible intentions. When you train with us, you will find yourself much more prepared and confident to handle many different situations. Let FTA help you be ready.

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