FT II: Intermediate Firearms Training

FT II: Intermediate Firearms Training, 2 hours

Classroom, Range
Range fee included.
Required Equipment:
50 rounds of your own ammunition, or you can buy it from us.
Prerequisites: FT I or an FTA Skills Assesment

Class Overview

FT II is designed for those who know the basics of handgun operation and want to take the next step. The first hour of class is spent in the classroom discussing handgun and ammunition knowledge and new techniques. The second and third hours are spent at The 31 Range LINK, actively shooting, learning and practicing the new techniques. After this FTA class, shooters will be able to handle and manipulate a handgun at a more advanced level.

Techniques taught are trigger reset, chamber indicator, press checking, speed reload, tactical reload, jam clearing (4 types), double taps, accuracy vs. speed and one hand shooting.


The Firearms Training Academy
(903) 530-6260
New LTC Class Dates
LTC classes will be held on the second and fourth Saturday and Monday of each month.