Paul Johnson

Paul W. Johnson, FTA Founder and DPS-Certified CHL and NRA-Trained Firearms Instructor

Paul W. Johnson opened The Firearms Training Academy in 2010 with lifetime Tyler, Texas resident and Department of Public Safety Certified Instructor, teaching Texas CHL classes. Since that time, he has taught over a thousand students. His commitment to excellence and citizen safety has been the hallmark of the The Firearms Training Academy. As a National Rifle Association (NRA) Trained Instructor, Paul feels an immense responsibility to help others learn firearms safety. Through FTA, Paul is also able to provide East Texans the opportunity to hone their skills and marksmanship, and also provide family-friendly sports shooting opportunities and competitions.

The Firearms Training Academy
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New LTC Class Dates
LTC classes will be held on the second and fourth Saturday and Monday of each month.