A.W.A.K.E. Featured Classes

A.W.A.K.E. – Alert With A Keen Eye

Here at FTA, we are dedicated to offering truly time-proven techniques for firearms safety and tactics. But we are also dedicated to helping you with your overall situational awareness and skills when it comes to your personal safety and defense of your family and home. Below, you will find a wealth of informative special interest classes that will have you more A.W.A.K.E. than you have ever been. Our expert instructors are ready to take you to the next level. These classes require that students have completed FTA’s FT 1: Beginner Firearms Training class or who already have experience and are comfortable with a firearm.

If you don’t have experience with a firearm or even if you don’t ever intend on having one, we can still help you. Contact us about lending a handgun from us, for personal purchase consultation (we’ll go with you!) or to discuss other ways FTA can help you with your situational awareness and can teach you many different safety techniques. Click below to register for one today. We will contact you about preferred dates!

B.O.B. Workshop: This is a lively and informative workshop that teaches various ways to assemble the ultimate “Bug Out Bag”. We will even show you a basic survival kit that fits in a tiny mint tin! $25.

Prep 101: This class covers how to begin obtaining/storing food, water and firearms and how to find and secure adequate shelter for various scenarios. PREP DURATION: 72 HOURS. $60.

B.O.B. Workshop + Prep 101: We combined our two favorite classes into the ultimate beginner’s guide to Emergency Preparedness. PREP DURATION: 72 HOURS.  2 hours. $79.99.

Intermediate Prep: Food/Water/Shelter/Firearms. PREP DURATION 3 WEEKS TO THREE MONTHS. 3 hours. $115.

Advanced Prep: Food/Water/Shelter/Firearms. PREP DURATION 6-12 MONTHS. 4 hours. $150.

Home and Property Defense: Basic defensive shooting skills and special techniques and strategies for personal and home defense. 3 hours. $115.

Urban Survival: Skills for self sufficiency and survival in the wake of an unexpected and sudden natural or humanitarian disaster. Also handy for serious campers! 4 hours. $150.

Crisis Response Training for Organizations (Churches, Schools, Places of Business): FTA comes to your group to help assess surroundings and vulnerabilities and put into place a plan for action in response to sudden and most often, unforeseen, threats. Please contact us to discuss your organization’s specific needs and special pricing.

Private Consultation: FTA is here to help you in many ways. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your preferences:

  • In Your Home or Business (home and property defense tactics and and security concerns)
  • Private Shooting Lessons
  • Free Handgun Consultation (FREE with registration in any of our classes)


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LTC classes will be held on the second and fourth Saturday and Monday of each month.