The Armed Woman


FTA Student during FTA CHL Qualifications

Women are currently the largest demographic applying for both pistol training and CHL (Concealed Carry License) Classes. In fact, gun ownership among women has grown 77% since 2005. Moreover, many women living alone as singles, or as single parents have identified a need for training in the case of an emergency. Home invasions, burglaries, and car-jackings are daily news. Women are among the largest group of victims of stalking, date rape, assault, and domestic abuse. Although the odds are not likely to be in your cards, so many unexpected incidences happen to so many women every day.

With proper training, female handgun owners know they possess a serious tool with which she can protect herself and her loved ones. On that note, it is extremely important that women choose the best handgun for their skill and comfort level. FTA offers a free skills assessment session and consultation with the purchase of any of our CHL, Firearms or Personal Defense classes. FTA is also happy to lend one of our qualified instructors to accompany you upon your decision to purchase a handgun.

FTA is the perfect place for women new to the idea of gun ownership and who want to acquire their CHL and achieve more confidence, comfort and level of preparedness. Our expert instruction is non-intimidating and friendly. We welcome you to gather a group of girlfriends and schedule a “Ladies Only” Class. Contact us and we’ll make it happen!

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